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The Door is Open!

August 28, 2015

Since 2000, per capita consumption of soft drinks in the US has dropped more than 14 gallons! It is a great time to be selling healthier for you brands!

The Revolution Continues!

December 12, 2014

How the time’s are changing…more evidence that the revolution in the beverage industry is alive and well…..a soup wins Bevnet’s new beverage award….and Patrick Posey, Vice President of Sales at Bristol Farms, says that Coke from Mexico is now the best selling beverage at their chain…..outselling regular Coke!

Good Brands Welcome!

December 2, 2014

Good news for well differentiated brands coming to market. We think this trend will only accelerate.

FBU LA Summary

September 13, 2014

FYI, in case you couldn’t be there, here is a good summary of the recent FBU conference in LA last week. The best advice for me was from Michael Sands – remember, the second mouse gets the cheese!

Why we are optimistic for new brands

August 7, 2014

great graphic on we are so optimistic about the upside for new brands in the beverage industry – consumers are leaving major soft drink bands in droves – and they are looking for better options. If you have a better for you brand, you are in a good place!

Soft Drink Graph

Great Ideas and Passionate People = Success

July 29, 2014

Here’s a great story – the formula is simple….take a great idea and put some passionate people behind it and you can create a booming business. Simple, right?
For Coconut Waters, a Street Fight for Shelf Space

Today’s Valuations Update

July 23, 2014

fyi, $150 million for a 90% stake in Apple & Eve – trailing revs of $190 million and EBITA of $15.2 million…..values the company at 1x trailing revs…..11x EBITA… continues to be a buyers market. Vida Coco – as hot as a brand can be – just sold equity for 2.66x trailing revs.

Lassonde Industries to Acquire Apple & Eve for $150 Million

Today’s Valuations

July 14, 2014

Vida Coco, one of the fastest growing brands in the US beverage industry, and the leader in the coconut water category with almost 70% of the market, just sold a 25% equity stake in the company to the Reignwood Group, the Beijing-based parent company of Red Bull China. The agreement with Vida Coco, with trailing revenues of $250 million in 2013, values the company at $665 million – 2.66x trailing revenues. According to Mark Kirban, Co-Founder of Vida Coco, the company’s growth last year was “triple-digit”.

I highlight the above because it shows the state of valuations today vs a few years ago. I think the days of valuations of 7-15x trailing revenues are over. Vida Coco is one of the fastest growing and most attractive brands in the US market.

It certainly seems like a buyers market today.

True Innovation

March 12, 2014


Innovation comes in many forms.  This list of the most successful new brands of 2013 is dominated by large companies and familiar brand names.  We could argue that they are mostly brand extensions, not true new products, but, the strong results tell a familiar story.  We think large companies are forced to play this strategy.  They can’t afford the longer road of true innovation.  This is left to today’s entrepreneurs who are blazing not only new brands, but, creating entire new categories.  I think if we look 10 years from now at the most successful brands introduced in 2013 the list would be very different.   What do you think?

NACS Show Summary in 8 Minutes

October 30, 2013

If you couldn’t attend NACS this year in Atlanta, here is a great 8 minute summary from BevNET Live. If you are like me, it is tough to make it to all of the trade shows that are out there…..not to mention that working a trade show is grueling work….but, this will make you feel like you were there!