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Mobile Marketing

November 14, 2012

Our friend, Pam Negoro of TouchMS, has been telling us about the rapid growth of mobile marketing. Pam posted this story today. We think brand owners need to make mobile marketing a part of their brand strategy.

Mobilizing Shoppers™ – mobile is the connector, not a stand-alone channel. Shoppers using smartphones to research, share, showroom & buy. Deloitte predicts that smartphones will influence $36 billion – or 5.1 percent – of in-store sales this holiday season. Therefore, it is critical that retailers view mobile as a way to drive cross-channel sales

Daily Drinkers

November 4, 2012

Most CEO’s think of growth in terms of stores or doors…..they don’t know what the true measure of success is.  We preach the importance of ‘daily drinkers’ all the time.  We saw an interesting stat the other day that bears this out.  According to Catalina Marketing, just 1.5%, or 1 out of 67 consumers, drive 80% of sales for the average new product.  You only need about 2,000 daily drinkers for every $ million in revenue.  Your job… this base….1 drinker at a time!