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Thinking Ahead

August 19, 2010

It’s a good time to start planning for 2011

August is rolling along – if you are having a good year in the bev business, orders are coming in and you are feeling pretty good.  If not, you are probably scrambling to find new customers or cut costs.  Either way, you are caught right in the middle of 2010. 

My advice today is to take a few precious minutes and give some thought to next year.  As funny as it may feel, now is a great time to invest a little quality time thinking ahead.  Here’s why:

1) You’re the CEO – looking ahead, seeing opportunities or roadblocks  is your job.

2) It’s not that hard or difficult – you know how the year is shaping up, you know where you are probably going be at the end of the year.

3) A little work now can save a lot of time and grief down the road for you and your team.

My advice –

1) keep it simple, I have never been a big fan of complicated plans, wasted time.   

2) Think out of the box – stretch yourself, I call it blue-sky thinking…anything is possible.

3) communicate – let you key constituencies know what your expectations are – meetings, schedules, etc.

4) Keep your planning limited – just you and a few members of your team. 

5) follow Steven Covey’s advice – start with the end in mind – where do you want to be in 15 months?  Then back up from there – what do you need to get there? 

Continued good selling out there!  It is a great time to be in the bev biz!